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Europe is a breathtakingly beautiful region on Earth that has attracted many Malayalis who settled there many years ago. These individuals carry their Malayalam culture in their hearts and minds as they embrace their new lives in European countries. Despite the distance, every Malayali in Europe eagerly seeks news and updates from their homeland, Kerala.

"Radio Lemon Live Europe" is an online Malayalam radio station catering to the scattered Malayali diaspora across Europe. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this platform offers the perfect blend of information and entertainment, keeping Malayalis informed about the latest happenings within the European Malayali community. It serves as a space for lively conversations in Malayalam, allowing listeners to engage, share their thoughts, and enjoy a good laugh. Like a refreshing spritz of zesty lemon fragrance, the radio station injects vibrancy into the monotony of everyday life.

Through "Radio Lemon Live Europe," Malayalis in Europe can stay connected to their roots and feel a sense of belonging to their homeland. Whether it's news, updates, or engaging discussions, this online radio station is dedicated to providing the Malayali community with a dynamic and engaging platform that keeps them connected and entertained. So, tune in and experience the invigorating essence of "Radio Lemon Live Europe" as it adds a zestful touch to your day.

“Radio Lemon Live” uses the latest technology to create the perfect infotainment platform, where malayalis can get all the important and latest updates about Europe. Catch up with the latest news, traffic updates, and weather reports. Come, let us chit-chat in Malayam.Let us share our thoughts. Let us laugh for a while. Let us spritz some zesty, lemony fragrance into our monotonous lives.

Bringing Kerala to every Malayali, everywhere! "Nammallore Naattukaara"

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