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Africa is an awe-inspiring and stunningly picturesque region on our planet, which has captivated the hearts of numerous Malayalis who ventured there and established their lives many years ago. These remarkable individuals, while embracing their new experiences in African nations, hold their cherished Malayalam culture close to their hearts and minds. Even though they may be geographically distant, every Malayali residing in Africa displays an earnest longing for news and updates from their beloved homeland, Kerala.

Radio Lemon Live Africa" is an online Malayalam radio station exclusively designed for the dispersed Malayali community throughout Africa. With state-of-the-art technology, this platform provides a seamless combination of news and entertainment, ensuring Malayalis stay updated on the latest events within the Africa Malayali community. It serves as a lively hub for Malayalam conversations, enabling listeners to actively participate, express their opinions, and relish moments of laughter. Just like the invigorating scent of a lemon, this radio station infuses a burst of energy into the routines of everyday life.

Radio Lemon Live” uses the latest technology to create the perfect infotainment platform, where Malayalis can get all the important and latest updates about Kerala. Catch up with the latest news, traffic updates, and weather reports. Come, let us chit-chat in Malayam. Let us share our thoughts. Let us laugh for a while. Let us spritz some zesty, lemony fragrance into our monotonous lives.

Bringing Kerala to every Malayali, everywhere! "Nammallore Naattukaara!


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